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Board of Director Positions

  • Chairperson – The Chairperson shall:

        • be the chief executive officer of the Organization;
        • if present, preside at all meetings of the Board;
        • subject to the control, supervision and direction of the Board, have general control and supervision of the affairs of the Organization;
        • together with the Executor Director, represent the Organization in the community and be responsible for media communication;
        • provide the primary contact for the Board with the Executive Director, chair, of the committee negotiating compensation and benefits package and evaluation of the Executor Director.

    9.05 Treasurer  – The Treasurer shall:

        • manage the board’s review of, and action related to, the Board’s financial responsibilities.  The Treasurer may work directly with the Executive Director in developing and implementing financial procedures and systems; and
        • ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the Board and regularly report to the Board on key financial events, trends, concerns and assessment of fiscal health.

    9.06 Vice-Chairperson – The Vice-chairperson shall assume the responsibilities of the Chairperson should the Chairperson be unable or unavailable to carry out his duties and responsibilities.

    9.07 Secretary – The Secretary shall:

        • attend all Board meetings and act as secretary thereof and record all votes and minutes of all proceedings in the books to be kept for that purpose.
        • give or cause to be given notice of all meetings of the Board;
        • be custodian of the seal of the Organization, if any.

    9.08 Other Officers – The duties of all other officers of the Organization shall be such as the terms of their engagement call for or the Board requires of them.

  • NCC Financial Statement for Mar 31 2023

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