Policies For Families

Please follow the link to read our complete Parent Policies, Code of Conduct, & Enhanced Safety Plan manuals.  Here are a couple highlights:

Families who are unable to meet the full cost of care may apply for financial assistance through Manitoba Early Learning and Child Care. An application can be accessed through the website www.gov.mb.ca/childcare or by requesting a form at the office. Any unsubsidized amounts are the responsibility of the family. It is the family’s responsibility to provide all necessary documents and meet all government requests and deadlines in order to benefit from subsidy. Please talk to the Director if you require assistance or additional information. If subsidy has not yet been approved at the time of enrollment, families will be charged the full amount and credit will be issued once approval is given.

Nutrition, Food & Beverages

Menu – perpetual – Follow this link to see a sample of the variety of foods on our snack and hot lunch menu!  The menu changes several times a year to add variety and open the children’s palette’s.  See the office for a copy of the current menu.  Currently we are offering two hot lunches per week, but in the fall of 2018 we would like to increase this to four hot lunches per week.

Please note that we are a peanut/nut safe facility!

Nutritious Lunches are a strongly encouraged at NCC!  As written in the Parent Policies, we request that parents  send a nutritious lunch with a variety of foods from the Canada Food Guide.  Please send a minimum of 3 healthy food options, and only a small treat if one is necessary.  This rule includes the Infants!  If we feel lunches are lacking we will supplement them, and may need to charge you for the extra.  We do not serve soft drinks to the children.

The Centre provides two snacks each day that must consist of a fruit or veggie, plus an item from one of the other food groups.

Outdoor Play          

We play outside every day, weather permitting, and follow the Environment Canada Sun Protection Actions:

  • Winter- if the temperature is -25°C or colder with or without the wind chill, it is considered too cold to go outside.  This will be decided upon by the Director or Assistant Director.
  • Summer-  NCC staff & children take precautions as per UV Index.  See parent policies for more details.

Please provide appropriate seasonal clothing:

(Make sure everything is labeled)

  • Winter- ski pants, boots, scarf, hat, mitts, and warm coat;
  • Fall/Spring- puddle pants, rain/fleece coat and rubber boots;
  • Summer – sun safe clothing, hat, bathing suit, T-shirt, towel and runners or sandals (preferably with backs)