Infant Program – we are licensed for 16 infants (12 weeks to 24 months) with a ratio of 1:4.  Separation can sometimes be stressful for parents and infants but our caring infant team members are excellent at easing that transition.  Along with lots of love, they provide the children with learning opportunities through play that encourage physical, social, emotional, and cognitive skill building within a safe and nurturing environment.

Toddler Program – Our Toddler room (also called the Monkey Room) can accommodate up to 18 toddlers (age 2) with a ratio of 1:6.  The Terrific Two’s!  A time of exploration, curiosity and exponential learning!  From toilet training, to first words, to problem solving – LOTS happens at this stage of growing.  Staff organize the environment to be attractive and easily accessible to all children.  Toys and materials are at the children’s level, giving them opportunity to make choices, exercise independence and develop socially, emotionally, physicanatomy of a child care providerally and cognitively.  Plus they have a tun of fun!

PreSchool Program – Our 2 PreSchool rooms can accommodate a total of 40 children (ages 3-6) with a ratio of 1:8.  Here the children become engaged in hands-on learning experiences that give them a wide and varied number of ways to learn about the world around them, develop their whole being, and become positive global citizens.  This is a time of exploration and discovery.  Our staff recognize that each child has a unique set of abilities and needs and learns at their own pace.  They give the children opportunities to make choices and to develop independence and confidence.